Gary Long

After many years as an illustrator I taught on the BA Illustration course at Falmouth University. In 2011 I began teaching at St Ives School of Painting. I deliver courses involved with the figure, still life and landscape. My practice as a painter feeds into the teaching, often through demonstrations. The school is wonderful – the history the ethos and most of all the people.

I am a figurative painter making images concerned with the coast, sea, sky, weather and the impressions they leave as well as the human figure. After studying at Birmingham College of Art and Manchester College of Art, I spent

many years as an illustrator working for international clients in advertising and publishing in UK and North America. My paintings are exhibited across the UK and internationally.

What our students say

Thank you so much…I [have] really enjoyed watching and learned so much. Gary Long is a fantastic teacher and I’ve attended his classes before, which have always been inspirational.


Excellent course! Gary imparts his knowledge of painting in a calm and insightful way. his own work in there to see and you can learn so much from looking at his work. Gouache painting was a brilliant introduction to oil painting. Thank you Gary.

Sally Holman

A very stress free weekend. 

Roz Harwood

Inspiring location – great history in the building and school course followed the description in the brochure. I overcame my fear of the palette knife and charcoal sketching. I also built on existing skills and experiences.

Julie Powell

A special thank you to Gary.  That colour mixing was truly therapeutic!!  

Jean R

Amazing tutor, can’t wait to come again and do more work, getting better every time through the help of the tutor and experience was wonderful overall too.

Elena Wright

A joy to have a tutor with deep knowledge, professional experience and a sympathetic manner. 

Peter James

Thank you very much. I achieved all of my objectives and learnt many new skills as well. I was pleased to be back at the school again.

Jane Sanderson

Very gentle class, helpful tutor, good teaching progression. Delightful environment, will come again.

Maggie Hardwick

Gary is a wonderful instructor. Realistic expectations, great demo of creating a palette, consistent individual tutoring and considerate professional knowledge.

Betty Connelly

I learned so much from this course – Gary is everything I want from a tutor. He demonstrates and inspires, then leaves me to develop. Super tips on colour mixing and technique. Loved it!

Elizabeth Whitehouse

It actually exceeded my expectations. I hoped that I would learn about painting seascapes (which I did) but I also felt that my practice as an artist and painter was revitalised by the course and, in particular, by Gary the tutor.

Christopher Harris

It was well-structured and inspiring and it worked really well in every way!

Caroline Bruce

It was really interesting to see how Gary linked his preliminary sketches with painting. I feel I have learned a lot and look forward to ‘attending’ more demonstrations.

Christine Devereux

Brilliant tuition and demonstration from Gary, well done for using this new way of communicating artistic learning and enjoyment.

William Stephens

Gary Long was fantastic, I learnt so much about colour and mixing colour, composition, how to go through the process of stages from the drawing to the actual painting. His demonstrations were brilliant from colour mixing to how to paint the pictures. He gave us all feedback and was encouraging and motivating. His wife Pat was also brilliant making sure we were OK, keeping us stocked up with biscuits and dealing with our queries and always happy and positive. It was like we were part of there family for the time we were together.

Anne McCarthy

Good mixture of demonstration and own painting time. Good location and Gary’s experience of previous visits meant we found interesting sites to sketch and draw. Lots of materials available. Good indoor space with easels. I was well supported and looked after by Gary and his lovely wife. Nice balance of days off to explore the region.

Karen Lester

The studio space was wonderful plenty of room to spread out and walk around. Having the tutor at hand was helpful and reassuring.

Anne Boss

I really enjoyed the course and got a lot from it. It was a delight to be immersed in the whole art experience at Verrocchio. Thanks to Gary’s experienced tuition and support and his wife’s excellent organisational skills and support it all ran smoothly and made it a wonderful experience.

Karen Lester

Everything was fabulous, thank you. I enjoyed the sessions very much – I could have watched Gary mix colours all day!  

Roxanne D

I found the tutorial very helpful and mentally uplifting, thank you to all involved in these online classes.


Thank you all in St. Ives, it has been truly inspirational, your professionalism has shone through in communicating the School’s ethos as well as the tutors’ personal creative approaches.


Thank you for such a brilliant morning- very inspirational and instructive- also great fun!


The Saturday Life Live Session was absolutely fabulous….such an interesting and informative session.


Courses with Gary Long

Painting Landscape with a Palette Knife

Gary Long

Creative Weekender - Oil - Landscape

Active sort order:
Course ID: a004J000006we6y
Active Instance: a024J000009aXtLQAU, 24-Sep-2021

Artist Gary Long offers expert insight into creating texture, life and depth in your paintings using a palette knife and oils. Gain confidence combining these with brushstrokes to create dynamic landscapes.


24 - 26 Sep - 3 days - £366 Full Request

Saturday Life Live - Inspired by Diebenkorn (recording)

Gary Long

Online - Drawing - Figure

Active sort order:
Course ID: a004J00000DD18u
Active Instance: a024J00000A6pDsQAJ, 24-Dec-2021

Join us for this recording of a two hour online figure class inspired by the Bay Figurative artist Richard Diebenkorn. Broadcast from our studio in St Ives with a clothed model.


Available until 24 Dec - 2 hours - £12 Book

The Wave (recording)

Gary Long

Online - Oil - Landscape

Active sort order:
Course ID: a004J00000DCnW7
Active Instance: a024J000009s3jBQAQ, 28-Feb-2022

How to convey that fleeting moment when a wave crashes on the shore, its drama, energy and movement? Learn the secrets to capturing this dramatic moment in oils.


Available until 28 Feb 2022 - 5 hours - £40 Book

Thursday Life Live - Inspired by Egon Schiele

Gary Long

Online - Drawing - Figure

Active sort order:
Course ID: a004J00000FzWSw
Active Instance: a024J00000B121OQAR, 07-Oct-2021

Join Gary Long as he explores the distinctive mark-making of Austrian artist Egon Schiele. Broadcast live from our studio in St Ives with a model, you are invited to join in at home with guided exercises. 


7 Oct - 2 hour(s) 18:00 - £12 Book

Thursday Life Live - Shape, Colour + Texture. (Recording)

Gary Long

Online recording - Drawing - Figure

Active sort order:
Course ID: a004J00000FzOCp
Active Instance: a024J00000AeeYSQAZ, 01-Oct-2021

Join us for this two hour online figure class inspired by the Bay Area Movement artist David Park. Broadcast from our studio in St Ives with a clothed model.


Available until 1 Oct - 2 hours - £12 Book

Where Sea Meets Land

Gary Long

Art Courses - Oil - Landscape

Active sort order:
Course ID: a00w000000bCVkL
Active Instance: a024J000009aXveQAE, 11-Oct-2021

How to convey that fleeting moment when a wave crashes on the shore, its drama, energy and movement? Learn the secrets to capturing this dramatic encounter between sea and the land in oils.


11 - 13 Oct - 3 days - £365 Full Request