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Be inspired – hear straight from our students about their creative experiences at
St Ives School of Painting.

After every course we ask students for their feedback and if we are not getting it right we take action. We are consistently rated as good or excellent by 99% of our students each year with nearly 2/3 being recommendations or repeat visitors. Have a browse of some their comments.

With no painting experience whatever – this course was relaxed and inspirational. A small group so personal attention from a very patient tutor. I really enjoyed the course and I learnt a great deal. Thank you Hilary! 

June Briggs

Getting Started with Watercolour


Jill, our tutor, is an exceptional artist who imparted a phenomenal amount of knowledge on colour. She encouraged each student to reach beyond the potential they thought they had and succeeded. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Maggie Thompson

Hearts and Minds: Colour Theory in Practice


Jill was incredible. So generous with all her knowledge. Creative and adaptable delivering a fun and informative three days in a great environment.

Hearts and Minds: Colour Theory in Practice


Jill, our tutor, is an exceptional artist who imparted a phenomenal amount of knowledge on colour. She encouraged each student to reach beyond the potential they thought they had and succeeded. A thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Maggie Thompson

Hearts and Minds: Colour Theory in Practice


A real revelation! Peters comments and advice to all the students was so knowledgeable and considered. I feel really inspired by the two days. 

Annie Lewandowski

Drawing Out Your Voice (4 )


‘I wanted to just say how ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT Jill’s course is!!!


There is no way i can do all the tasks she has set because she is SO interesting and has covered so much ground – but I have notes on everything and am researching masses of stuff. It’s been truly wonderful so far! 


I Have colour wheels done, collage work, colour charts, notes on the painters she has referred to – and have lists and lists of wonderful tasks to do for months hence!


Can’t wait for part 2 on Friday.  please extend my appreciation and thanks to her. It really is fun and have spent all day glued to my painting table – one day I will actually come to the School again! Until then – this is GREAT!’   

A. Stuart

Hearts and Minds – Awaken your eyes to colour (recording)

Feb 2021

Ilker being a great listener made everyone feel important, talented and able. His excitement was truly infectious. Making me feel all is possible. Gently pushing and challenging in a way that made me feel – yes! He never felt flippant – his comments never generic – always 100% giving of his own creativity. What a great mentor.

Lydia Knights

Finding your Viewpoint


Inspiring course, well guided and paced. Excellent tutor who helps you get the best out of your painting experience.

Sally Holman

Paths to Abstraction


Really enjoyable, happy morning spent with Tom Rickman! Inspiration for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


From Sketch to Painting – Studio Practice Sessions with Tom Rickman

Very enjoyable course. Just the right balance of walking and drawing/painting. Greg was an excellent tutor and I learned loads. 

Richard Mayo

Painting The Coast Path


A fantastic course which I have really enjoyed and has inspired me to rediscover my love of art. Marion was an excellent teacher , so encouraging and accommodating of all abilities. Thank you! 

Laura Feekins-Bate

The Art of Keeping it Simple


Excellent session. Thank you so much Alice and Eleanor for your honesty and sharing such personal details of your own and the women in your family’s experience of being artists.

Sandra S.

What Shapes an Artist’s Thinking?


I loved it! Thank you very much for all the care taken and expertise to run courses like this especially at this time. It was a long-awaited experience for me and very valuable in many ways.

Jen Teulon


My second visit to St. Ives School of Painting and [it] excelled expectations on both occasions

Janet Toft

Well resourced, relaxed, efficient, well paced, brilliant interface with the students on a group and individual basis, encouraging and challenging and fun.

Eileen Riddiford

St Ives Harbour and Town


A very stress free weekend. 

Roz Harwood


Greg was very generous with his time and knowledge…Best experience for a long time

Jaci Richards

Getting Started with Oil Painting


Thank you very much. I achieved all of my objectives and learnt many new skills as well. I was pleased to be back at the school again.

Jane Sanderson


So much food for thought and further experiments with oil paint. My mind is full of shapes, lines, colours and textures. Fully immersed in St Ives School of Painting and Ben Nicholson.

Sophia Blackwell

The Art of Keeping it Simple


This course was wonderful. It was well planned and structured, with a step by step approach, clear progression each day, enabling us all to achieve our very best. Alice is a great teacher, she is positive and finds constructive comments for each individual in the group, all at our different levels, and her enthusiasm and commitment are real motivating forces in the group. She worked as hard was we did, and while that might have felt intense, there were moments of laughter and shared enjoyment of our learning – and I learned so much.

Kim Brown

Inside Outside


I cannot believe how much I have learnt on this course. Watercolours are so versatile and I cant wait to explore this further. Thank you so much Hilary!

Erika Vessey

Getting Started with Watercolour


Greg focused on making sure, as beginners, we had the understanding and confidence with oils.

Darcy Chapple

Getting Started with Oil Painting


I loved the multi faceted approach and Liz’s ability to react to individual needs and approaches. I loved the way that she highlighted a range of artists and also how she directed our gaze to each other’s work as potential for ideas. My understanding of the whole artistic process really improved and I feel more able to respond in a deeper way to mine and others work. Incredible experience.

Catherine Hale

St Ives Harbour and Town


Greg was fantastic. I loved the course, benefited enormously and have hardly put my paintbrush down since!

Liz Rigden

Getting Started with Oil Painting (online)