Porthmeor Art Collective - Drawing

- Materials included

We’re back in our studio above Porthmeor beach in St Ives for face-to-face classes.

St Ives Painting Course Kitty Hillier
St Ives Painting Course Kitty Hillier

Get to know contemporary art practices with Kitty Hillier.

Go on a journey with Kitty to explore three key elements in her work: drawing, collage and painting. Across three sessions, she will work alongside you to teach you key techniques in each medium.

In her work she tries to re-connect and gain a better understanding of nature. Kitty’s work is rooted in what’s above and below the surface, with a belief that all things are connected.

The Porthmeor Art Collectives is a chance for young people aged 13 to 16 to connect with creativity through an artist. After our two phases of the project online, we are now excited to be back in the studio with you. Using our art materials in our art studio overlooking the sea, your Sunday afternoons have just gotten a lot brighter.

Sign up to the workshops of your choice, just £10 a session. Feel free to book all three.

Porthmeor Art Collective – Drawing

– Materials included

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What to Bring

Our studios are fully equipped and we provide you with all the art materials you need for your workshop so just bring yourself and lots of enthusiasm!

The class will be held in the ground floor studio at the School of Painting.

Timings & Breaks

The workshops start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. We will have a comfort break in the middle.

Young people will need to be aware of social distancing and sanitise regularly.

Meet Your Tutors

At St Ives School of Painting we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Our Trustees, staff and volunteers share this commitment. See our Safeguarding Policy under our Quick Links in the footer.

St Ives Painting Course Kitty Hillier in her studio.

Kitty Hillier

“It’s always great to hear that after trying some of these quick mark-making and drawing exercises, people are keen to repeat them at home regularly as a way to relax or reset. My approach encourages play, experimentation and trust in our gut intuition.”  

In her own practice Kitty takes inspiration from her daily walking practice around the creeks and woodland near her studio at Islington Boatyard in Penryn. Using acrylic, ink and enamel paint applied with various tools and mark-making techniques, she carves, scrapes and builds up richly layered surfaces that reflect patterns found in nature and the slow formation of structures over time.  

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