Ilker Cinarel

I love sharing my knowledge and life experiences with others. My unique approach is to try to create individual, authentic voices in the curriculum within a conceptual and non conceptual framework. It’s great to be part of an historical, internationally renowned school.

My multifaceted practice incorporates artworks that embrace both contemporary and traditional processes, painting, drawing, sculpture, film, and performance with

the juxtaposition of materials, forms and processes blurring past, present and future.

What our students say

In truth the course surpassed my expectations. I wasn’t quite sure what form the course would bring, but Ilker provided not only a framework to bring into – and help build – a regular practice but also a safe space for us to explore ideas while being gently challenged to delve deeper.

Mali Perdeaux

Extremely worthwhile – I’m still inwardly digesting what I learnt, not just about creativity but also myself.

Amanda Mugford

I loved every moment of this course, it was an inspiration. Ilker led the 2 days with most generous open methods that drew us all in and made it possible for me to fly! Thank you Ilker – MORE, MORE!

Cecilia MacFarlene

I didn’t think we would be doing so much and that the course would be quite as stimulating as it has been!

Heidi King

Ilker was a wonderful and inspirational tutor this week. Patient offering advice, constructive criticism and constant encouragement. I recommend this course to anyone wanting to explore a new subject. 

Louise Hopper

Ilker has been a fantastic course leader, and his course was a real joy. I didn’t want it to be over! He is really generous, insightful and encouraging. I’m excited to be brave with making art.

Dinah Mason

I love the supportive and creative atmosphere at the school. It was well equipped and a joy to work in. Both Ilker and Liz were excellent tutors in their own individual ways and complimented each other very well.

Amy Fitzgerald

It would be easier to say what I did not like – which was nothing.

Ilker being a great listener made everyone feel important, talented and able. His excitement was truly infectious. Making me feel all is possible. Gently pushing and challenging in a way that made me feel – yes! He never felt flippant – his comments never generic – always 100% giving of his own creativity. What a great mentor.

Lydia Knights

For a first experience at St Ives school of art I was so impressed with the quality of tutorship for this course! Ilker gave such a huge amount of energy and passion to challenge each one of us but from a place of playfulness and encouragement. It was just what I needed at this time in my practice and I feel a surge of courage and inspiration to push deeper into the ´content ’ of my art practice and move beyond the safety of the commercial appeal to a place of truth, vulnerability and honesty. Excellent value and investment.

Isabelle Roberts

Courses with Ilker Cinarel

Artists' Retreat Week

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Remember and revive your reasons for making art. As part of a small group, benefit from directed exercises, peer feedback and independent time working in the studio as well as an individual tutorial.


15 - 19 Nov - 5 days - £575 Full Request