David Webb

Watercolour is my medium of choice. I love its fluid nature and the way it can be pushed around and mixed on the paper to create transparent washes. To maintain that transparency, I endeavour to complete my paintings in no more than three washes, building up the layers from light to dark, whether I’m painting animals, boats, landscapes, flowers or still life.

Demonstration plays a big part in my teaching. As it is quick to work with, I often find that the easiest way to show a watercolour technique is to actually do it in front of my students.

The mistakes and problems commonly associated with watercolour are all things that I’ve had to overcome, and so it is quite satisfying to be able help a student to overcome their frustration and enable them to enjoy the medium.

What our students say

[David] was very good at explaining and demonstrating. He had a gentle way of providing support and direction.

Jackie Ould

David was absolutely brilliant – the techniques were so easy to follow – I just need to practice practice practice!

Claire Thorburn

I really enjoyed the session, David is a great tutor as well as watercolourist.

Dianne Van Staeyen

Courses with David Webb

Seascape Impressions in Watercolour

David Webb

Art Courses - Watercolour - Landscape

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Explore unique techniques of watercolour and how it can be used to portray the atmosphere of sea, sky and coast in an impressionistic style.


27 - 30 Sep - 4 days - £455 Book