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Porthmeor Art Collective - Drawing Humans

Drawing / Figure - Materials included

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What’s the hardest thing to draw – people! It’s an obstacle to enjoying drawing. But it doesn’t have to be.

Steven Buckler
© Steven Buckler

Steven Buckler, artist and illustrator, will introduce you to a simple process of constructing a drawing. You will use this process to learn how to draw simple cartoons and then progress to a life-like figure.

He will give you the opportunity to explore proportions, learn measuring and establish a drawing system you can apply to any subject.

By the end of the session you will have some drawings you are pleased with that break down proportions. You’ll leave the session with a new way of approaching drawing that you can practice with any subject: observational drawing, illustration, cartoons and anime.

We are happy to continue to offer limited FREE Scholarship places for those on low income. Please contact Cat Lee Youth Arts Manager for a Scholarship application form to apply [email protected].

This group is for young artists aged 11-16, and helps young people connect with their creativity and get to know contemporary art practices. 

Porthmeor Art Collective – Drawing Humans

Drawing / Figure – Materials included

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What to Bring

Our studios are fully equipped and we provide you with all the art materials you need for your workshop so just bring yourself and lots of enthusiasm!

The class will be held in the ground floor studio at the School of Painting.

Timings & Breaks

The workshops start at 2pm and finish at 4pm. We will have a comfort break in the middle.

Young people will need to be aware of social distancing and sanitise regularly.

Meet Your Tutors

Steven Buckler
Steven Buckler in his studio © 2023 St Ives School of Painting

Steven Buckler

My work is about more than the landscape, it’s about the sense of being in it. The atmosphere, the light and the colour. For me it is about drawing and painting these bits of our landscape that are normally edited out of our perception and experience.

Steven Buckler is a Falmouth based freelance artist, illustrator and animator, who has recently completed a Masters in Illustration.

He trained as an animator at The Surrey Institute of Art and worked in children’s television for 4 years before going into teaching in 2003. He now has 15 years of experience in teaching art to young people alongside his ongoing artistic career.

Steven exhibits his fine art in galleries across Cornwall and Devon, and has illustrated a number of books, the most recent being “Song For The Forgotten” by Cornish author Natasha Carthew and published by National Trust Books. Steven has had a number of solo exhibitions and also shown work with The Royal Scottish Academy, The South West Academy of Fine Art and the St Ives Society of Artists.

At St Ives School of Painting we recognise our moral and statutory responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Our Trustees, staff and volunteers share this commitment. See our Safeguarding Policy under our Quick Links in the footer.

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