Natalie Day

Letting go of attachment to outcomes is an important element of my practice and teaching. I begin by gathering visual and sensory information, recording what I can on paper, then editing and simplifying back in the studio and using this to inform new pieces. By keeping myself curious I can step away from the idea of ‘making a painting’ and simply enjoy the process of exploring and letting the materials guide me. 

Natalie completed Falmouth University foundation in 1994 but life events meant she couldn’t pursue her formal training. In 2007/8 she had an intense period of creating and selling work to support her practice and after a radical overhaul to her life in 2018 started building herself a career as an artist alongside her health professional role as a chiropractor. She is now a full-time artist living and working in Cornwall.

The last two years have been a period of huge transformation for Natalie. During these extraordinary times, she has consolidated her art practice, reflecting deeply and planning ahead. She has developed relationships with artists, architects and designers nationally that are shaping her ideas and themes.

What our students say

Natalie is a great teacher, I appreciated how she kept checking in with how people were doing and encouraging them along too. I have been interested in using overhead views for a while so it was motivating to see Natalie working with that.


Clear, well demonstrated exercises by Natalie… a lovely simple way of embarking on abstraction in the landscape.


Enjoyable and empowering. Natalie was clear and engaging and I would love to do more sessions with her… I have learned so much.


Courses with Natalie Day

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Experimental Landscapes (Recording)

Natalie Day

Online Pre-recorded - Mixed Media - Landscape

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Course ID: a004J00000NYFUM
Active Instance: a024J00000DPe0rQAD, 31-Jan-2025

Join us for this experimental, abstract webinar inspired by the Cornish landscape with new tutor, Natalie Day.


£27 Book

Experimental, Abstract Landscapes

Natalie Day

Art Courses - Drawing - Abstract

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Active Instance: a024J00000DzNTUQA3, 27-Aug-2024

Join contemporary artist Natalie Day for this playful and collaborative course using natural pigments to build confidence developing abstract artwork.


27 - 29 Aug - 3 days - £435 Book

Porthmeor Programme Online Alumni - Spring 2024

Kate SouthworthNatalie Day

Online small group zoom - Mixed Media - Personal Development

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Active Instance: a02Nz000001J05NIAS, 24-May-2024

Reconnect with the supportive resources of a professional artist tutor; the Porthmeor Studios and an intimate peer group familiar with the unique experience of your artistic journey as an alumni.


24 May - watch until 23 Jul - £295 Last place Book