Greg Humphries

I try to connect people to their environment with my art. I started out as a landscape painter, but it was only through undertaking a masters degree in 2009 that I realised the best way to connect people to their environment was to take them into that environment and get them to make the art! This is now the core of my practice and through my work I specialise in outdoor education and woodland management.

My sculptures are the result of many traditional processes and knowledge absorbed from travels in the Amazon & the Arctic, as well as Europe and the British Isles. I gather

the raw materials myself and use these traditional skills over many days to create the finished piece.

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What our students say

What worked for me was masses of individual attention and encouragement and positive support, the opportunity to sketch outside. These days have opened doors I have been longing to open. Thank you Greg.

Debs Blyth

Thank you Greg you’re fantastic – inspirational – very knowledgeable and very patient! Thanks for everything Greg.

Jaci Richards

Greg focused on making sure, as beginners, we had the understanding and confidence with oils.

Darcy Chapple

Very enjoyable course. Just the right balance of walking and drawing/painting. Greg was an excellent tutor and I learned loads. 

Richard Mayo

It was great to have 3 days to develop skills at a good pace, lots of skills and techniques very clearly explained and demonstrated. It was like a foundation in 3 days! Greg was very supportive and gave advice and direction when needed. I enjoyed the ‘field work’ but loved the studio time, a luxury for a painter like me. Thank you i’d love to come again next year.


The best three days since I last attended a course there.

Christopher Harris

Greg was fantastic. I loved the course, benefited enormously and have hardly put my paintbrush down since!

Liz Rigden

Greg gently pushed me into attempting things I would probably never try otherwise

Geoff Evans

Exceeded expectations, have done short courses at other schools and your organisation and style of tutoring was top of the list, well done all!


a fantastic experience – it exceeded my expectations and has inspired me to unleash my creativity!

Shana Tam

Greg was very generous with his time and knowledge…Best experience for a long time

Jaci Richards

Greg gave an excellent overview to oil painting technical disciplines plus an introduction to charcoal and gouache. It was intense but extremely satisfying to learn and appreciate the challenge in the ‘dance of chaos vs control’!

Shana Tam

Courses with Greg Humphries

Painting the Coast Path

Greg Humphries

Creative Weekender - Acrylic - Landscape

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Course ID: a004J000003UL4M
Active Instance: a024J000001XQ9EQAW, 17-Jul-2021

Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche declared, “All truly great thoughts are conceived while walking.” Boost your creativity and step out with us into West Cornwall’s landscape with inspirational tuition in drawing and painting.


17 - 18 Jul - 2 days - £230 Book

Porthmeor Programme Online

Greg HumphriesKate Southworth


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Course ID: a004J00000DCq8K
Active Instance: a024J000009swbXQAQ, 05-Jun-2021

A six month online intensive, to develop you as an artist, enabling you to find and express your individual creative voice.


5 - 6 Jun - 6 Months - £1500 Book

The Sensory Coast

Greg Humphries

Art Courses - Acrylic - Landscape

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Course ID: a004J000001Xvkq
Active Instance: a024J000001XQ9nQAG, 13-Aug-2021

Take a step beyond the visual with instinctive drawing and painting exercises on the beautiful beaches and cliffs outside our studio and create artwork that powerfully connects with the coastal elements.


13 - 15 Aug - 3 days - £345 Book