Andrew Barrowman

Landscape painting in Cornwall, Andrew Barrowman paints en plein air and in the studio using oils as his chosen medium. He tries to convey the feeling and atmosphere of a landscape onto canvas for the viewer to have an idea of what it was like to be there. His paintings often start with ideas found whilst walking his dog. He usually carries a small sketch book with him, making quick sketches and colour notes. These will sometimes be developed into paintings.

“I love working outdoors when I get the opportunity. Painting by the sea, I often come home tasting the salt on my lips from the spray thrown into the air as the waves crash against the rocks.
I like to encourage people to paint in their own way, rather than like I do, but I help them

as they encounter difficulties with the application of the oil paints. I also advise on composition and colour mixing. On location I help them to look for interesting passages of light and shade contrasts rather than big views.”

What our students say

Just wanted to say what a brilliant workshop Andrew gave, he is so good at explaining what he’s doing, I was totally absorbed, thank you.

Diana K

Andrew was excellent, lots of personal attention and great tips. 


The course was managed very well for mixed abilities. The tutor was extremely patient and created a relaxed and informal environment, putting everyone at their ease. The whole group were lovely and it was both a creative and positive experience in which I re-kindled my love of painting after a few years’ gap. Thoroughly enjoyable!

Kirsty G

Andrew was able to cater for everyone and was most encouraging. He was able to see peoples strengths and also where they needed support, a sensitive tutor.

Gillian B

Throughly enjoyed these 3 days with Andrew and the group! This gave me a great foundation to build on whilst I find my style.

Natalie D

Andrew was a brilliant teacher, taking us through all the basics, and guiding us with patience & knowledge. It went beyond my expectations.


Fantastic course lots of ground covered. Especially great if you are new to oil painting & needing guidance on mediums, mixing & adding layers.


I loved learning new colour mixes and different mark making in wildly different landscapes. I have been to many courses there and this was one of the best.


Andrew focused on the key factors that assist students to learn plein air brushstrokes, values, colour, and composition and how to enjoy the process of exploring nature and bringing that back to the studio. Brilliant teacher and curriculum.


The course was well planned and exceptionally well delivered by the tutor. There was a clear sequential plan, and this was communicated to people throughout the course. Care and attention was given to varying abilities and expectations. The tutor explained media and techniques clearly and demonstrated them in a very accessible way. Learning and progress was continually reviewed and discussed. Everyone was made to feel welcome, and their contributions were valued. The studio was well equipped, and the studio technicians were very capable, engaging and supportive. Overall, the course was informative, appropriately challenging and hugely enjoyable.

Keith L

Courses with Andrew Barrowman

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Postcards from St Ives - Whistler at the Coast

Andrew Barrowman

Online Pre-recorded - Oil - Landscape

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James Whistler and Walter Sickert painted together in St Ives in 1884. What can we take from their energetic studies to help you with your own landscape painting in oils?


£27 Book

Window into Plein Air (rec)

Andrew Barrowman

Online Pre-recorded - Oil - Landscape

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Have you ever wanted to paint outside but unsure where to start? Delve into the practice of oil painting en plein air inspired by the remarkable Cornish landscape.


£27 Book