Maxine Hart

I approach teaching in a relaxed style. I love to share my enthusiasm, joy and knowledge of the physical process of drawing and painting; embracing happy accidents and experimenting with different materials.

The Cornish landscape has always been a constant inspiration for Maxine’s work. From the calm to the wild weather – the trees, lanes and beaches exposing their ever changing colours, moving line and form – daily walks with her cocker spaniel are always the starting point to her work. Maxine has more recently become interested in plein air painting, allowing the weather and the atmosphere to directly inspire and inform her paintings – rain washed boards and sand adding texture to the paint!

Maxine completed her Fine Art degree at the Birmingham School of Art. She has worked as a mural artist and gallery officer for the Art Advisory Department in Cheshire, organising workshops and exhibitions for schools and moved to Cornwall in 2004. Maxine has exhibited widely – both in Cornwall and nationally – and more recently, has exhibited her paintings at Morgans Art Gallery in Falmouth.

Courses with Maxine Hart

Interpreting the Landscape

Maxine Hart

Online Live Broadcast - Acrylic - Landscape

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Join us for this experimental webinar and explore using gestural, energetic marks to create movement and fluidity in your paintings.


28 Jul - 1.5 hour(s) 16:30 - £25 Book