Marion Taylor

I have enjoyed tutoring at the School of Painting, to all ages and abilities, for about 27 years. Teaching has always gone hand in hand with creating my own work, as I find sharing ideas and techniques stimulating and rewarding. My approach has been to give students the confidence to develop their skills, to think for themselves and so extend their visual language and find their own path.

Recently I have been introducing figurative elements into my painting, while very much retaining the abstract sensibility so important to the essence of my practice. The work has often been about layers, sometimes with

representational images (both painted and my photographs) glimpsed through passages of expressive paint handling. The love of paint and its manipulation allows the process to lead the way.

See Marion’s website for more about her practice.

What our students say

More than fulfilled my expectations. A wonderful friendly atmosphere putting you at your ease. Could have been intimidating but it certainly wasn’t!

Melanie Peckham

A fantastic course which I have really enjoyed and has inspired me to rediscover my love of art. Marion was an excellent teacher , so encouraging and accommodating of all abilities. Thank you! 

Laura Feekins-Bate

Thank you Marion for such a marvellous experience. I arrived nervous but was given a space to express myself. First time painting and discovered its great! 

Jose Mejia

Stimulating, challenging, well organised and varied. I was looking for a new direction for my painting and this has given me a plethora of possibilities. Thank you! 

Jack Friskney- Adams

If you want a course with excellent tuition, a well planned fast moving course – choose this one! It’s the best course I’ve been on. I’ve learnt so much in four days. Thank you Kerry and Marion. 

Sally Holman

I really enjoyed the course, I learnt a lot – feel inspired to carry on. The tutors were lovely and very knowledgeable and friendly. The organisation of the course was very good and the facilities and location great. Thank you. 

Celia Keeping

Amazing! Thank you, you have open up my love of art and given me the confidence to start! Liz and Marion were inspirational and motivational. P.s. All staff very friendly and helpful.

Wendy Bougen

So much food for thought and further experiments with oil paint. My mind is full of shapes, lines, colours and textures. Fully immersed in St Ives School of Painting and Ben Nicholson.

Sophia Blackwell

A dynamic 4 day course led by two very experienced teachers. I felt pushed to the edges of my creativity at times but both teachers influenced me forward to complete pieces of work I would have never thought I was capable of.

Sheila Sloan

Courses with Marion Taylor

Approaching Painting

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Art Courses - Mixed Media - Beginners

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Ideal for beginners, this course offers simple and dynamic approaches to build your confidence. Learn to depict both landscape and still life using acrylics and oils.


8 - 11 Nov - 4 days - £455 Full Request