Liz Hough

Through my teaching, especially mentoring on the year long Porthmeor Programme, I have made my own connections with the inspirations that come from St Ives. The School of Painting helps students develop their own practice with the emphasis on finding their own voice.

Being part of this process, I am proud of the journey individuals make. Making work in the Modern British Tradition I take inspiration from landscape around my home in West Penwith and time spent living and studying in rural Italy.

Working in acrylics, oils, collage and painted papers I take simple shapes, abstracted from nature, and arrange them into strong compositions. Interpreting ideas of place, in this way, I capture the essence of these rugged, rural spaces.

What our students say

I just wanted to say how brilliant Liz is – she is a great teacher – so calm, kind and inspiring – can’t wait to get out there with my camera!

Lucy Powell

Your teachers seem to have a unique ability that I haven’t found often in being able to direct their teaching to both beginners and more advanced students. Keep going and thank you!

Rosemary Howden

I want to just say how much I’ve enjoyed this course! Liz has made it so interesting and inspiring. I’ll be signing up for her upcoming online course!

Victoria Waugh

Liz was a lovely inspiration…and made us all feel very relaxed as a group, so you still felt like you were having a creative break away, but at the same time able to push your self forward creatively.

Elizabeth Crabb

Well resourced, relaxed, efficient, well paced, brilliant interface with the students on a group and individual basis, encouraging and challenging and fun.

Eileen Riddiford

A wonderful school and inspiring teacher who encouraged and helped us to explore our own practice whilst pushing us beyond our perceived limitations – excellent .

Jessica Oliver

I feel very lucky to have been part of this weeks course and hope to be able to come back to St Ives Painting School sometime in the future. Everybody we met in the school was friendly and welcoming.

Moira MacDougall

What an inspirational course. Liz Hough took us through the process in a most helpful and accessible way – we just didn’t want it to end. Many, many thanks. 

Val Hargreaves

The pace was just right. I enjoyed the 3 different media- sketching, collage then painting. We were eased into it gently. It was relaxing, interesting and fun as well as inspiring. Thank you for a fantastic, relaxing time.

Sara Truelove

I came with high expectations and amazingly they were exceeded!

John Rawling

Well resourced, relaxed, efficient, well paced, brilliant interface with the students on a group and individual basis, encouraging and challenging and fun!

Eileen Riddiford

It was just perfect and the back up from other staff members of the School of Painting was outstanding. For me it was the best painting course I’ve experienced together with venue, studios, equipment and location.

Janet Cranmer

Warm, welcoming and engaged tutor, the course was well structured and well organised, lovely atmosphere, all necessary materials supplied, the studio was bright and airy – and then there was the landscape!


I loved the multi faceted approach and Liz’s ability to react to individual needs and approaches. I loved the way that she highlighted a range of artists and also how she directed our gaze to each other’s work as potential for ideas. My understanding of the whole artistic process really improved and I feel more able to respond in a deeper way to mine and others work. Incredible experience.

Catherine Hale

Inspiring course, well guided and paced. Excellent tutor who helps you get the best out of your painting experience.

Sally Holman

Actually it exceeded my expectations. While looking forward to attending, I was concerned that I had only a year’s experience of painting and that I might be out of my depth. But Liz’s teaching was made me feel at home.

George Dow

I liked the group. I also liked the town, the centre d’arte, and as always Liz is a very intuitive, stimulating tutor. Very well researched course that was constructive as well as being fun.

Sally Holman

The fact that this was my third experience of this course and each time I have learned more and it has had changes that continued to challenge says it all.

Patricia Gilliland

Such a fascinating process and challenging!

Judith M

I just wanted to say how brilliant Liz is – she is a great teacher – so calm, kind and inspiring – and I can’t wait now to get out there with my camera!

Jennifer Powell

…the course fulfilled all its promises – providing lots of excellent teaching, new methods to try and lots of ideas and individual advice for taking work further during lockdown.

Michele Millard

Courses with Liz Hough

Lanyon's Landscape (5)

Liz Hough

Art Courses - Mixed Media - Landscape

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Course ID: a00w000000bCVjV
Active Instance: a024J0000093CURQA2, 22-Nov-2021

Learn the secret of creating lively and contemporary landscapes inspired by Peter Lanyon. Sketch iconic locations around St Ives and create dynamic compositions using paint, mixed media and collage.


22 - 26 Nov - 5 days - £515 Full Request

Porthmeor Programme Alumni Long Weekend

Liz HoughAdrian Holmes

Creative Weekender

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Course ID: a001r00000ueKOY
Active Instance: a024J0000097iAyQAI, 03-Dec-2021

Reconnect with the supportive resources of a professional artist tutor; the Porthmeor Studios and an intimate peer group familiar with the unique experience of your artistic journey as an alumni.


3 - 5 Dec - 3 days - £365 Full Request