Laura Menzies

My teaching focuses on sharing my ideas, enthusiasm and techniques, in a playful and experimental way. My aim is that participants will come together to learn and explore and to start to develop their own visual language, which they can use as a springboard for their own studio work.

Laura’s fragmented compositions embrace a slightly undone and imperfect feel and often contain harmonious pallets in soft hues; inspired by living stones throw from the coastline. She paints in an intuitive and physical way building up layers of oil, cold wax, collage and mixed media to conceal and reveal sections. Her paintings ask the viewer to slow down and provide a gentle space for reflection and contemplation.

Laura trained at Birmingham University, graduating with a BA in Performing & Visual Arts before gaining an MA in Fine Art from Falmouth University. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and internationally showing at Tate Modern, Tate St Ives and in 2019 she celebrated her first solo show. She is also a trained art teacher and educator and has taught at Falmouth University and The Eden project amongst other places.

Website: Laura Menzies

Courses with Laura Menzies

Grid Wide

Coldwax Painting

Laura Menzies

Online Pre-recorded - Mixed Media - Abstract

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Active Instance: a024J00000CRyytQAD, 31-Jan-2025

Enjoy learning about the possibilities of coldwax painting, a technique for adding texture and depth to your work.


£27 Book

Creative Journaling for Artists (rec)

Laura Menzies

Online Pre-recorded - Mixed Media - Personal Development

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In this course you will be encouraged to explore creative play in your art journals, allowing you to capture your personal curiosities and interests to develop your visual language and bring clarity to your practice.


£95 Book

Line, Texture, Tone - Coldwax Painting

Laura Menzies

Online Pre-recorded - Mixed Media - Landscape

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Enjoy creating luminous abstract paintings using coldwax painting. Learn how these three fundamental aspects - texture, line and shape - can help develop your unique visual vocabulary.


£90 Book