Holly Razavi

In my approach to teaching oil painting, I hope to help people notice the often-overlooked details in their surroundings, encouraging a deeper appreciation of the world around them. I want to guide students in creating illustrative figures/boats/flowers etc and playing with their images, urging them to not be afraid of making their artwork uniquely their own. Together, we can explore the balance and harmony of colours, learning how to blend them seamlessly to achieve the desired effect. Most importantly, I aim to help each student find their own unique style, fostering their creativity and giving them confidence in their artistic journey.

Holly Razavi is a self taught artist residing in her coastal home town in Cornwall. Her oil paintings on handmade paper illustrate luscious landscape and charming architecture capturing previous moments of human connection.

Utilizing a muted colour palette, Razavi’s art evokes a sense of calm and tranquillity, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the worlds that she creates. Holly exhibits in Canada, London and Cornwall,  enchanting audiences with a blend of inspiration and emotion.