Caroline Robinson

As a large-scale intuitive painter, I am often greeted with comments of admiration for the confidence to approach a large canvas, and being free enough to create at that scale. There is huge joy in creating immersive work and I hope I can pass on some of my experiences and knowledge I have gained to others and inspire more confidence in trusting your intuitions.

Based in Cornwall, Caroline paints predominantly large-scale contemporary paintings from her studio based at Krowji in Redruth. Working usually in oils, her paintings are intuitive, abstract and often feature gestural figurative marks. There are loose references to her love of Renaissance painting and art history, with links to the importance of colour and colour choices. 

Caroline’s paintings are emotive and thought-provoking. They are usually painted on a large, immersive scale, created to be viewed as installations and to evoke opinions.

Caroline is currently represented by North Coast Asylum in Newquay and Morgans in Falmouth. Her work has recently been featured in The Auction Collective and written about in The World of Interiors Magazine.

What our students say

Caroline is such an engaging tutor, I really felt we were sharing her process with her as it actually happened. Watching her paint was both relaxing and inspiring.


Caroline moved me so much and has given me the confidence to finally give intuitive painting a go and not be scared. Her advice was fantastic and really resonated with me.


Caroline was excellent – very lovely and welcoming presence, and despite it being a ‘lecture’ over video she manage to impart a sense that you were in the studio with her, not just at the end of a screen.


Courses with Caroline Robinson

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Resolving Intuitive Painting (recording)

Caroline Robinson

Online Pre-recorded - Oil - Abstract

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Immerse yourself in a world of instinct with this explorative online class, looking at ways to coax an intuitive painting to it’s natural conclusion.


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