Ashley Hold

I have been teaching drawing and painting for over 13 years, from secondary school level to undergraduate and postgraduate level. I have observed how students struggle with certain aspects of drawing and painting and have developed my teaching practice to deal with these ‘obstacles’ to learning. My artistic practice and my teaching practice are bound together in a symbiotic relationship.

Ashley’s own work has a strong interest in the human figure and he has completed many portrait commissions for clients including the Freemasons and Marjon College, Plymouth. Influences include Dutch and Flemish painting, Caspar David Friedrich, Christian Kobke, Garcia Lopez, Lucien Freud and the writings of Alan Watts.

‘Most of my work is the result of working directly from observation, continually revising and re-working the image in attempting to resolve the tension between my commitment to visual fact and my concern for pictorial structure.’

What our students say

I found Ashley very patient and understanding as a tutor. He was able to take our individual experiences and adapt to each of us. I haven’t painted sea or rocks before so it was a new subject and I’m very pleased with the outcome.

Nicola Court

Courses with Ashley Hold

Sea + Rocks

Ashley Hold

Weekend Art Courses - Oil - Landscape

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Learn to make fresh and lively oil studies of the breaking waves and rocky outcrops of St Ives. Explore both reality and imagination through the composition of a compelling painting.


28 - 30 Apr 2023 - 3 days - £345 Book