Sunday Kids Art Club 7-12 years

7-12 Years

Our Sunday Kids Art Club
is back in the Studio. We cant wait to see you in person!

Sunday Kids Art Club

Sunday Club – Collage

Alessandra Ausenda

Children 7-12 – Drawing

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Course ID: a004J00000Fzo2t
Active Instance: a024J00000B0EwZQAV, 28-Nov-2021

Within this workshop we explore the world of contemporary collage using upcycled materials inspired by the renowned New York artist David Salle. Borrowing from Salle’s collage techniques in his paintings, we will create a new world from the old and discarded.


28 Nov – 2 hour(s) 10:00 – £10 Book

Sunday Club – Expanded Painting

Alessandra Ausenda

Children 7-12 – Drawing

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Active Instance: a024J00000B0GyYQAV, 12-Dec-2021

This is a Kids Art Club like no other, where children get to work on easels and use the same high art quality materials as our adult courses. They are taught by experienced artist tutors and start to take their first steps as Young Artists.


12 Dec – 2 hour(s) 10:00 – £10 Book

Sunday Club – Painting

Alessandra Ausenda

Children 7-12 – Drawing

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Course ID: a004J00000FzRlo
Active Instance: a024J00000B0EvHQAV, 31-Oct-2021

We will look at beautiful environments like rainforests and the role we can all play in protecting them. Inspired by the prolific German environmental artist Nils-Udo. We will ask, what will your special forest look like and what creatures will live there?


31 Oct – 2 hour(s) 10:00 – £10 Full Request

Sunday Club – Printmaking

Alessandra Ausenda

Children 7-12 – Drawing

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Course ID: a004J00000Fzo18
Active Instance: a024J00000B0EwPQAV, 14-Nov-2021

In this workshop we will explore the versatile ways in which food can be utilized within art. Inspired by the traditional art form Gyotaku found in Japan, we will reappropriate wasted food and organic matter to create highly textured mono-prints.


14 Nov – 2 hour(s) 10:00 – £10 Full Request

Club information

Our tutors are all DBS checked and the online platform we use is secure.

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Established in 1938, St Ives School of Painting has been a registered charity since 2020.

Supported by kind donations from our students and sponsors Wilhelmina Barns-Graham TrustSt Ives RotaryThe National Lottery  we provide free or subsidised art classes for local young people. With 30% of young people in Cornwall living in poverty, these donations contribute directly to transforming young people’s lives and brightening Britain’s creative future.

Registered Charity no 1146825

Our supporters

Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust

Culture Camp is made possible by the generous support of the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust. Their funds enable us to offer Culture Camp as an inclusion project, completely free and ring fenced to young people who would never normally have access to culture. This also includes an Arts Award accreditation to support their life chances.

St Ives Rotary St Ives

Rotary offer generous support to the Schools’ work with local young people. Part of the proceeds raised by the annual artist postcard sale held during the September Festival is donated to the School. This supports our Sunday Art Club as well as other creative programmes for local young people.

Kickstart Scheme

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create jobs for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit. School of Painting currently have one Kickstart employee, funded until November 2021.

Little Parc Owles Trust

Little Parc Owles Trust was set up to support art education work in Cornwall, and aims to support projects and events that engage audiences of all ages and backgrounds with the Fine and Applied Arts.

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