Young Artists at School of Painting

Sunday Art Club

Our Sunday Art Club for budding artists aged 7-12 runs from 10am-12pm every other Sunday during term time. This is an art club like no other, where children get to work on easels and use the same high-quality materials as those on our adult courses. They are taught by experienced artist tutors and start to take their first steps as young artists. A brilliant introduction to the world of making art!

Mini Art Foundation

Our Mini Art Foundation launched in 2019 for teens aged 13-18. These run on from 1-4pm every other Sunday, in term time. Designed to help young people discover what makes them tick as an artist, it features creative pathways that are often not available at school, such as figure drawing, fashion, 3D and printmaking. Led by professional artists, the sessions expand young people’s creative horizons, giving them the chance to create art in a working art studio with exceptional materials and tuition. Students can drop in for individual sessions or enrol for the whole term. Please note, these workshops won’t run in Summer term due to exam pressures. They will start again in Autumn term.

Culture Camp

St Ives School of Painting’s Culture Camp is a youth initiative established in 2017. It aims to open the doors of St Ives’ cultural institutions to young people otherwise without access, giving them a week of workshops, gallery visits and talks and opening their eyes to the possibilities of art. Upon completion, students receive a nationally recognised Bronze Arts Award accreditation. In 2019 we ran two Camps, one for School pupils from low income backgrounds in West Cornwall, and the other for those at a Cornish Pupil Referral Unit. 90 young people have received an Arts Award through St Ives School of Painting so far, encouraging them to engage with learning and the arts.

The youth programme is subsidised thanks to the support of the Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust, St Ives Rotary, The National Lottery but also thanks to the generous donations of many of the students that have walked through our doors. These donations have contributed directly to transforming young people’s lives and brightening Britain’s creative future.

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