Victoria Gillow

I am a Cornish painter, based in Falmouth. My practice derives from a lifetime of looking and belonging. My Cornish heritage and love of the land and sea has informed a practice of landscape and coastal paintings, generating work mainly on site.

My work is about time spent, from childhood, on the shallow shores of the Carrick roads and its soft estuaries as well as the deep, rolling tides and immense skies of our North Atlantic Coast.

I love the transience of time and weather. Revisiting spaces time and time over, but never quite seeing the same, a unique response in paint to how I see and feel on the day, the uniqueness of this response and this always being different.

My work is also about a life lived by the sea and my deep affinity with the ocean, the Cornish Coast and its history. The work aims to celebrate a lifetime of looking and creating and the comfort of places one knows, the reverie of being free to drift and be completely immersed within a creative response to place.

Courses with Victoria Gillow

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Well Grounded (rec)

Victoria Gillow

Online Pre-recorded - Painting - Landscape

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Join practising artist, Victoria Gillow, in this playful exploration of building history and narratives into paintings, through the use of coloured grounds and under painting.


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