Tom Rickman

The process of learning a practical discipline such as painting, can seem both daunting and frustrating. In the landscape and the studio I assess each individual student’s ability and use this as a starting point, trying to keep the teaching just beyond the curve of what they can and want to do. As much as teaching them the basics and certain techniques of oil painting, I wish to show them pointers and possible directions of development within their own work.

I am interested in light and how that sits both in the landscape and within myself, its ethereal substance and nature. Each place has its own character to engage with.

I have travelled, worked and exhibited in many inspirational locations including the Isles of Scilly, The Highlands of Scotland, Sicily, Venice, the Arctic Circle of Finland, New York City, Ireland and Sardinia.

What our students say

Thank you very much to Tom for such a great session. I really loved his conversational approach – a lovely atmosphere to the session – and have gathered lots of good ideas!


Really enjoyable, happy morning spent with Tom Rickman! Inspiration for the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.


I loved listening to and watching Tom paint – I learned so much! Many thanks to you and your team for making all this possible – I am newly inspired!


Courses with Tom Rickman

Light + Landscape

Tom Rickman

Art Courses - Oil - Landscape

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Have you ever noticed that being in some landscapes can feel as though you are in a painting by Turner or Rothko? How did it come about that a landscape reminds you of a painting and not the other way around? Discover how to evoke the engulfing experience of being in the landscape.


23 - 25 Aug - 3 days - £355 Book