Nina Squire

With her early life spent on the coast of Devon, Nina Squire, has always been drawn to the sea and the rugged coastline that surrounds her. She seeks to capture the changing moods of the sea, from the calm, serene blues of a summer’s day to the stormy, tumultuous greys of a winter’s evening.

Initially, it was a love of sketching that inspired her to follow a career in illustration. After completing her degree at Falmouth University, she went on to specialise in soft pastel painting, drawn to the medium’s ability to capture the colours and textures with precision and sensitivity. She works mainly to commission, her clients are loyal and many of her customers have come back during her 20 year career for commissions as gifts and keep sakes of treasured views.

Inspired by the work of Degas, Nina’s way of working embraces using wetted pastels alongside dry media to create vibrant and textural pastel paintings. She spends hours studying the light and shadow of the coastline, capturing the subtle nuances of the waves and the way they interact with the rocks and the sand.

Her paintings are highly sought after by collectors and art lovers around the world. Nina now lives in Dorset where she teaches workshops and courses in soft pastel painting, sharing her passion for the sea and the beauty of the coastline with others

When she’s not painting or teaching, Nina can be found with a flask of tea; walking, swimming or kayaking along the coast, gathering inspiration for her next artworks. She believes that the sea has a transformative power, her paintings capture not only the beauty of the coastline, but also the emotions and experiences that come with being by the sea.

artwork and photo credit © Nina Squire 2023

Courses with Nina Squire

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Pastel Painting - Porthmeor Seascapes CW

Nina Squire

Art Courses - Pastel - Seascapes

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Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring St Ives coastline, dive into pastel painting and discover unique techniques that are possible when painting with soft pastels.


16 - 18 Aug - 3 days - £425 Full Request

Pastel Painting - Seascapes (rec)

Nina Squire

Online Pre-recorded - Pastel - Seascapes

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In this two-part webinar series, Dorset based artist, Nina Squire, shows you different ways of working with soft pastels to create painterly dynamic seascapes.


£55 Book