Emily Roberts

“My approach to teaching is one of mutual discovery. Firmly grounded in the atelier tradition, I always work alongside the student in order to guide and move through obstacles together. The basis of the method I use is very step by step, offering guidance to those with less experience, but allows for the personal expression and touch of the individual to shine through.”

Emily Roberts is an artist and art teacher specialising in working from life and imagination. After training at Charles H. Cecil Studios in Florence where she took on various teaching roles, she moved to Margate and then Cornwall.

Emily has taught in studios in Antwerp, Basel, Florence, Firle, London and across Cornwall.

Her work is held in private collections across Europe and North America. In her newer, more personal work, she hopes to bring traditional methods to a contemporary experience, bridging the void between the visual tradition and the modern psyche.

Courses with Emily Roberts

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Drawing + Painting the portrait from life

Emily Roberts

Weekend Art Courses - Oil - Figure

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How do you paint realistic portraits with great accuracy and detail? One way is to use the classical sight size technique, a technique used by famous artists such as Singer Sargent and Velazquez, aligning the model to the canvas and transferring the image across. 


12 - 15 Sep - 4 days - £575 Book