Boo Mallinson

My approach to painting is less about rules and techniques and more about rediscovering a sense of play; loosening up and learning to respond freely and fearlessly. Experimental, fun, intuitive, gestural, process-focused.

Attending Byam Shaw School of Art and City & Guilds in the 1980s, Boo moved to Dorset in 2002 where she discovered her love for landscape painting; a style and approach which has evolved slowly over the years. Boo is interested in translating ambiguous images from the landscape into new compositions using colour and abstraction – moving intuitively between representational and imaginary image making. Her work is grounded in the exploration and response of being present within the landscape.

Boo has painted professionally for many years and regularly exhibits her work in galleries such as Lime Tree Gallery in Bristol, Morgans in Falmouth, Hatch Gallery, Christchurch, Highgate Contemporary in London and Nadia Waterfield Fine Art in Hampshire, amongst other places.

What our students say

Wow where to start! We had a fabulous three days. Boo is such a great teacher and gave us all lots of her time. I loved the fact that we all had a station with everything we needed, all the paints etc. Nothing was too much trouble the studio helpers were very good and kept us supplied with teas and biscuits. I will be looking forward to coming to another of Boo’s courses next year.

Caroline C

Courses with Boo Mallinson

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Approaching Abstraction

Boo Mallinson

Art Courses - Mixed Media - Abstract

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Free up your practice and work more intuitively on this playful three-day course led by new tutor, Boo Mallinson.


15 - 17 Nov - 3 days - £395 Book