Alessandra Ausenda

My own practice involves a range of materials and collaborations and I have always been inspired by sharing my enthusiasm for creating with others. Whatever age group I work with, there is a connection and a tangible excitement in creative activity.  It is a powerful tool with which to explore the world and ourselves.  I see myself as a fellow traveller; sometimes leading and other times following.

Alessandra is a visual artist and educator whose practice involves collaboration and participation across artforms.

With a background in Fine Art, she has pursued her career in the arts for over 30 years through exhibitions and working collaboratively with teams of artists, performers, teachers, young people and families.

Alessandra has worked extensively with cultural organisations including Tate St Ives, Newlyn Art Gallery and the Exchange, KEAP and RIO. You can learn more about Alessandra and her practice here

As a founding director of Tough Dough CIC, an arts organisation in Cornwall, she continues to address the role of creative activity and its wide-reaching benefits. Current work includes setting up artist exchanges and community projects nationally and internationally inspired by the many ways in which we respond to the seed of an idea and find ways to make it grow.

‘Issues of duality and belonging are reoccurring themes in my work as I was born and grew up in Rome, but live and work in Cornwall. I work in response to location, often exploring identity through family links. Audience participation plays a key role in the development of the work’.