Adrian Holmes

Adrian Holmes is a print maker devoted to Japanese printmaking. He fell in love with this medium whilst living in Japan and began to study this beautiful craft and its techniques. He divides his time between his art practice, teaching woodblock printmaking in the Southwest and continuing his dedicated study of woodblock printmaking in Japan. Adrian is currently based at Krowji studio in Cornwall.

“Teaching art allows for people to express, create and question what they believe in. Being a teacher gives me the opportunity to facilitate and promote people’s creative skills, develop their understanding of subject, and find their artistic voice. I feel alive and passionate working with people that share that passion.”

“I’m fascinated by woodblock printing, its versatility, openness and process. I explore the beautiful subtleties of a traditional approach in a contemporary style, focusing on semi abstract themes of landscape and place.”

What our students say

Adrian was very patient explaining techniques and always said encouraging words.

Betsey Levering

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Japanese Woodblock Printing (4)

Adrian Holmes

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Inspired by the semi-abstract modernist tradition of St Ives, experienced woodblock artist Adrian Holmes teaches you to compose, carve and print your own designs using authentic Japanese tools and paper.


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