Our Youth Programme

Thanks to generous donations from our students and funding from our sponsors Taylor Money and St Ives Rotary, we are able to provide subsidised art classes for local young people.

SUNDAY ART CLUB 7-10 years

For budding young artists aged 7-10, the workshops run from 10am-12pm on monthly Sundays in term time. This is an art club like no other, where children get to work on easels and use the same high-quality materials as those on our adult courses. They are taught by experienced artist tutors and start to take their first steps as young artists. A brilliant introduction to the world of making art!

We offer Free scholarship places on this project for families on low income.


This is our art project for young people aged 11-16 that want to have a creative outlet outside of school. Delivered by contemporary artists, these workshops give young people access to those working in the exciting contemporary art scene and giving them the tools to develop their artistic talents.

The workshops are designed to help young people discover new mediums, new ways of working and expand their comfort zones. They give them the chance to create art in a working art studio with exceptional materials and tuition, with a like-minded group of young artists.

We offer Free scholarship places on this project for families on low income.

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Inclusion Projects


St Ives School of Painting’s Culture Camp is a youth initiative established in 2017. It aims to open the doors of St Ives’ cultural institutions to young people otherwise without access. Led by artists, they take part set of workshops, gallery visits and talks, opening their eyes to the possibilities of art. Bronze Arts Award is embedded in the project which gives young people a nationally recognised qualification.

From 2019, funding from Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust enabled us to turn Culture Camp into an inclusion project. This meant we could start working with different young people who had many barriers. This is due to being excluded from school, at-risk, in ill health and not in mainstream education, living in poverty and facing other challenges like being young carers. The project delivered for young people in the Community and Hospital Education Service and Penwith APA were funded in 2022 by HeadStart Kernow.

During Covid, we piloted an online Culture Camp for the first time. With referrals from Cape Cornwall School, Pool Academy and St Ives School, we worked with teenagers on their summer break to give them a host of cultural experiences and a Bronze Arts Award in the climate of Covid.


In 2023, funding from Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust has now finished, but we will continue to deliver Inclusion projects for young people at-risk. Taylor Money family owned wealth management business in Falmouth are donating monthly to our Youth programme as they believe in supporting local young people.

This years projects are:

+ Create Room project at Pool Academy. This is an artist-led project in the school day to help young people with their wellbeing.

+ Colour Your Summer project at Salvation Army. This project is for young people who normally access Salvation Army’s youth groups. This summer project is an opportunity for them to engage in a set of creative workshops led by a variety of artists after a ‘build your own sandwich’ lunch.

+ A Culture Camp project for the Community and Hospital Education Service. These young people are too ill to go to school and attend the CHES part-time. This project will bring them new cultural experiences and is accredited with Bronze Arts Award.

+ Recruitment of two emerging artists to join our Porthmeor Programme Online, for free. This is an amazing opportunity, funded by Roy Ray’s legacy fund. He was passionate about emerging artists getting the support they need to launch an art career. If you are an artist aged 19 to 25 and live in Cornwall, do contact Cat Lee Youth Arts Manager to enquire: cat@schoolofpainting.co.uk.