Kids Sunday Art Club - Ben Nicholson

Acrylic / Drawing / Abstract

Love art? Bored at home? Why not join us online and explore new techniques. This week looking at a view from a window inspired by Ben Nicholson.

Ben Nicholson

Aimed primarily at those between 7 and 12 but younger ones can join in with help from an adult or older sibling.

These fun workshops are just £10/session and the whole family can join in together for just one fee.

This week we will look at examples by Ben Nicholson who painted views of St Ives and the harbour from his window.  You can look out of your window at home, find and print a picture of a view from a window or even imagine what you might see from your window.

This is an exciting way to use different materials and create some colourful magic in your painting. 

We will start by using the wax crayons or oil pastels to experiment making dots, lines and shapes. Then using watered down paint we will go over the crayon. Can you see what happens?

Choose a bigger piece of paper or a cereal packet and follow me to make your view from the window.

How does an online session work?

Once you have booked, we will send you a link an hour before the session starts so you can join in live.

These sessions will be broadcast on You Tube and all you need to do is follow the link ten minutes before the start time. You can watch this on a Smart TV, PC, smartphone or tablet and even cast to your TV from your phone.

You can watch again on demand as many times as you like for up to one week and even pause and rewind the live session.

Kids Sunday Art Club – Ben Nicholson

Acrylic / Drawing / Abstract

Book Selected Date

You will need

Paints: poster or acrylic – Red, yellow, blue, white & black

A few different sized brushes

Wax crayons or oil pastels

1 sheet or more of A4 white printing paper

1 sheet of heavy A3 or cartridge paper

2 sheets of thin card or cereal packet

4 paperclips or some masking tape


A pencil, rubber and sharpener

Something to mix your paints on, maybe a dinner plate or a piece of smooth card

Timings and Breaks

At 10.20 am please click the link to join the live session.

We will start teaching at 10.30 am and expect the session to last one hour.

If you are late joining don’t worry, you can rewind the session and watch on start again or even live pause.

You can watch again as many times as you like for up to one week after broadcast.

Your Tutor

Alessandra Ausenda

My own practice involves a range of materials and collaborations and I have always been inspired by sharing my enthusiasm for creating with others.

Whatever age group I work with, there is a connection and a tangible excitement in creative activity. It is a powerful tool with which to explore the world and ourselves. I see myself as a fellow traveller; sometimes leading and other times following.

Alessandra Ausenda artist and expert tutor for children's art classes

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