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Have a look at Natalie’s studio course 3 -5 April https://www.schoolofpainting.co.uk/courses/experimental-abstract-landscapes/

As artists, are we supposed to work alone? This course challenges the idea of the lone artist in the studio and encourages you to explore a more collaborative approach. An exciting chance to experiment with new ways of working and materials, as well as to learn from other people’s approaches and practices. Use natural pigments alongside cyanotypes, and see how to incorporate playful ideas, themes and working practices into your painting.

Natalie encourages you to work on collaborative drawings; seeing how sharing, swapping and reworking can encourage a bolder and less inhibited approach to image-making. On the first day, head out to the coast and see which aspects of the St Ives landscape you are drawn to – details of splits in rocks or panoramic stretches? Then, returning to the studio, work back into these drawings from memory and develop them further using a variety processes. On the final day, you will have a chance to either consolidate your own artwork or work collaboratively with another student. An exciting, fast-paced new course encouraging a new way of working.