Materials for Framing the Landscape

Materials & Equipment

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You will need a laptop or tablet with audio so you can have a screen near where you are working. A phone is not ideal as you will struggle to see enough. You will also need a broadband download speed of at least 3mbps.
You can check your speed here.

List 2 Heading

Setting Up

Cover any tables or work surfaces you are using with scrap cardboard to protect them from paint/solvents.

Make sure you are in a comfortable space to paint and see the digital screen you are working from simultaneously.

Working Safely

We have strict systems when using oil paint mediums at the art school and a permanent studio technician
to manage them. Without this structure at home it is advisable to asses your own risks and environment for
using these mediums.

Basic advice would be to work in a ventilated area, solvent or oil should never be poured away down a
sink and can be left in an air tight container to settle and then decant continuously as needed. Outside of a
designated studio I would suggest protective coverings as this course is designed to be messy!

With solvent and oil we store them in a metal bin with a lid. Alternatively there is a product called ‘zest it’ that
works in the same way as solvent but can be disposed of down the sink and is derived from citrus and not
petro-chemicals. It is however much more expensive and needs to be purchased from a specialist art supplier.

Suggestions for online stockists

Vast range of art supplies online or two shops in London, one in Gloucester

High quality art supplies, from painting materials to printmaking equipment with a shop in Hove.

Full range of artist supplies. Shop online or 14 High St stores

Printmaking Supplies

Based close to Borough Station in London, Intaglio also sells mail order. They are specialists and will have everything you need for printmaking.

Small specialist print making supplies with a shop and print studio in Bognor Regis