Expectations and Commitments (studio based)

Your Commitment

  • You need to work in between sessions.
  • Please do not think of this as producing or finishing ‘perfect’ pieces. Instead experiment, do exercises, research and investigate. Tutors will sometimes set projects to help you with this process.
  • You need to attend all the sessions as missing any will impact on your development.
  • Make without expectation. This is the cornerstone of all successful art practice.
  • Be open
  • Engage with the group. Using the image gallery will enable you to share ideas and your progress in between sessions.
  • Check your course information and ensure you are familiar with all dates and timings.
  • Be non-judgemental, kind and supportive of each other.
  • Think about people’s feelings before posting anything that could be considered discriminatory, divisive or provocative.
  • Stay focused on the art, so only post what you think informs and inspires the group around being creative.
  • Please do not share learning materials with others outside the course or give anyone access to your account.
  • Please prepare for your tutorials bringing work or queries you would like to discuss. You are advised to make your own notes for reference and to document your progress.

What to Expect from Our Tutors

  • Guest tutors will show you working methods. You need to be open to this, even if it is ‘seemingly’ unrelated to your own work.
  • Your lead artist is your constant – they will deliver one-to-ones/reminders/homework/suggestions.
  • Tutors are not generally available outside of sessions unless pre-arranged.
  • Please do not message tutors via Instagram or Facebook.
  • If you have any concerns about the course you want to raise privately, email [email protected] and we will quickly look into it.