Mary Crockett

I have been teaching for over twenty years and enjoy seeing people’s excitement when they can make printmaking their own. I teach by demonstrating techniques. I think this is the most direct way to pass on practical skills. Teaching for the school is satisfying because print can be treated as part of general practice, not as a separate entity.

Printmaking has been a major part of my practice for most of my working life. Although I trained as a painter, I have always used print as well. For me, there is no separation

between them – I work on plates, transferring drawing and colour through the press, or directly on paper or canvas – sometimes combining the two.

What our students say

Really enjoyable – learned loads and found the workshops most informative. Liz and Mary were encouraging and generous in their tutoring. Thank you both. 

Maggie Thompson

Courses with Mary Crockett

Printing for Painters

Mary CrockettLiz Luckwell

Print making - Landscape - Art Courses (2-5 days) - Creative Weekender

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Translate visual information gathered in the landscape with the simplicity and immediacy of print. Create layers using mono printing and drypoint, including time creating work on a professional press.


20 - 22 Nov - 3 days - £285Book