Iain Robertson

As an Artist/Tutor creating courses for the School, I draw from my own experience and questioning of my own practice. I try to open up a way into contemporary abstraction for practitioners who come prepared to engage with sometimes difficult concepts and hopefully take away ideas and more questions for their own practice. We can all benefit from being in this space together.

Chance as an inevitable event through the painting process and as a planned strategy, in picture making. Gravity, pouring, gesture, intention and no intention. Music and music memory informing attitude and style

a formal approach to abstraction helping to find a more emphatic use of my developed abstract language. Continuing to explore new narratives in colour and shape.

What our students say

Bursting with excitement to put these new ideas into practice – I have a renewed confidence! Many of the new techniques will go a long way to combat ‘stuckness’/creative block – i’ve also learnt to work quicker! Many thanks Iain.

Vanessa Fletcher