Edy Ferguson

I try to bring out what each student is truly fascinated in and help them define their own personal narrative while building a solid library of artistic techniques to
work from. What I enjoy most about teaching is getting a glimpse of someone else’s vision and then finding ways to encourage them and give them more confidence in what they do.

Born in Chicago, Edy studied at Washington University in St Louis before moving to New York. She then completed her Masters Degree in Fine Arts at Hunter College, City of New York. Edy came to age artistically in New York where she was influenced by the Fluxus movement, the Pictures Generation, Abstract Expressionism and the vibrant scene of the East Village.  

Understanding painting and drawing as central to her multimedia practice, which spans performance, installation and video, her work has been exhibited in solo and group shows in London, New York, Athens, Rome, Paris, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Turkey, and Venezuela, among other places.

Following an international career with residencies in Europe and New York, she is now based in the UK. Edy has recently received grants for her practice from Arts Council England and her work is held in public and private collections internationally. 

Visit Edy’s own website to find out more.