What Shapes an Artist

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Watch this recording of our live streamed conversation between artist tutor Alice Mumford and daughter Eleanor as they delve into questions such as why do we struggle to have the confidence to call ourselves an artist, what makes up the ‘creative compost’ of our lives and other fascinating insights into art, family and inspirational women.

Oh my that was an excellent session. Thank you so much Alice and Eleonor for your honesty and sharing such personal details of your own and the women in your family’s experience of being artists.

I found your mothers quote the most inspirational and resonates with my own journey.  ‘A woman can do everything she wants but not all at the same time’. As an accomplished nurse midwife of 40 years (I wanted to be this from age 5 ) I’m now working towards being ‘an artist’

Sandra Arthur

18/3/2021Alice Mumford

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