Porthmeor Programme Year-End Exhibition

Marking the culmination of St Ives School of Painting’s yearlong Porthmeor Programme, Saturday 11th March sees the opening of its end of year exhibition at 6pm-8pm with a dual show in two historic spaces, St Ives’ Penwith and Crypt Galleries. Showcasing the work of 17 artists from across the UK lead artist tutor Liz Hough describes its eclectic feel, covering “painting, film, installation, printmaking, photography, puppets, drawing and sculpture: this year’s Porthmeor Programme artists present an exhibition taken from journeys. Covering subjects as diverse as the plight of refugees, nostalgia and the power of words.”


Students used the yearlong programme to create time and space to refocus and re-energise, helping them take their work to the next level. Lead Artist Tutor Kerry Harding commented. “It’s been a truly rewarding experience watching these artists develop over the last year. Each student now has a better understanding of who they are as an artist and have enriched their own practice to facilitate and ensure the next stage of their creative journey is both successful and sustainable.”


Now in its third year, the Porthmeor Programme is a structured one-year programme of weekend classes which offer participants the chance to expand their personal practice with supported studio sessions, and benefit from one-to-one tutorials and group discussions.


If you can’t make the private view, you can visit the exhibition which continues until 17 March at The Crypt; 24 March at Penwith (closed Sundays).




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