Tom Rickman

I am interested in light and how that sits both in the landscape and within myself, its ethereal substance and nature. Each place has its own character to engage with. I have travelled, worked and exhibited in many inspirational locations including the Isles of Scilly, The Highlands of Scotland, Sicily, Venice, the Arctic Circle of Finland, New York City, Ireland and Sardinia.

The process of learning a practical discipline such as painting, can seem both daunting and frustrating. In the landscape and the studio I assess each individual student’s ability and use this as a starting point, trying to keep the teaching just beyond the curve of what they can and want to do. As much as teaching them the basics and certain techniques of oil painting, I wish to show them pointers and possible directions of development within their own work.

Light and Landscape 15/05/2020


Learn to observe and capture in oils the brilliant colour and light of the Cornish landscape; where sea, sky and land meet at moments in time when the elements are mesmerising and fleeting.

Still Life: Surface and Space 21/08/2020


Train your eye to work with negative space and learn to develop your observation, composition and painting skills so you can approach still life painting with new found confidence.  

Light and Landscape 07/09/2020


New course with Tom Rickman studying sea, land and sky in oils. More nformation to follow.